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I got the key to happiness and all the copies ~ (at U.O.E.N.O)
Apr 21, 2014

I got the key to happiness and all the copies ~ (at U.O.E.N.O)

Apr 21, 2014


Gota be my whip

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The best thing about human beings is that they stack so neatly
Apr 20, 2014

The best thing about human beings is that they stack so neatly

1. Cut your hair every now and then. Fresh starts are always nicer than you think. Who needs split ends anyways.

2. Pick a song you really like. Listen to that song a lot. And I mean a lot. Dance around your room naked to that song, beat the song lifeless till it annoys the hell out of you. Then pick a new song and go through the same process. We all need to really hear music, we need to understand what the song we are listening to is really about.

3. Paint your toes black, make it as perfect as possible. Then, scratch it off. Remember nothing is permanent.

4. Go on a run with your dog. Try to race him and beat him. Realize you can out run many things. Then go back and pet your dog, realize that some things you need to go back for.

5. Decorate a plain backpack. Glue on sparkles, glitter, diamonds, newspaper and magazine clippings, lace & ribbon, anything else that may fancy you. Remember, you don’t have to be the same person you were a minute ago.

6. Buy some pretty lights and string them up in your room. Turn off all the lights except for one when you go to bed. Remember it isn’t always dark and lonely. Change your perspective.

7. Lay outside one night. Breathe in breathe out. Accept that you are only one person and cannot do everything at one time. You can take your time. The creator of the stars you’re looking up at did not do it all in one day. Pace yourself.

8. Get up every morning and stand in front of the mirror. Naked, fully clothed, backwards, upside down, who cares how, just do it. Observe yourself. Notice the wrinkles under your eyes from laughing a lot. Count your freckles. Admire your ass. Then name 3 things you love about yourself. You need to love yourself.

Tips from Blossite on how to be okay with yourself. (via blossite)

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You’re going to meet many people with domineering personalities: the loud, the obnoxious, those that noisily stake their claims in your territory and everywhere else they set foot on. This is the blueprint of a predator. Predators prey on gentleness, peace, calmness, sweetness and any positivity that they sniff out as weakness. Anything that is happy and at peace they mistake for weakness. It’s not your job to change these people, but it’s your job to show them that your peace and gentleness do not equate to weakness. I have always appeared to be fragile and delicate but the thing is, I am not fragile and I am not delicate. I am very gentle but I can show you that the gentle also possess a poison. I compare myself to silk. People mistake silk to be weak but a silk handkerchief can protect the wearer from a gunshot. There are many people who will want to befriend you if you fit the description of what they think is weak; predators want to have friends that they can dominate over because that makes them feel strong and important. The truth is that predators have no strength and no courage. It is you who are strong, and it is you who has courage. I have lost many a friend over the fact that when they attempt to rip me, they can’t. They accuse me of being deceiving; I am not deceiving, I am just made of silk. It is they who are stupid and wrongly take gentleness and fairness for weakness. There are many more predators in this world, so I want you to be made of silk. You are silk.
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Ferrari 512 Pininfarina Modulo, 1967

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Where nobody lives
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قد اسامحك حين تكذب لكن تذكر ما بني على باطل هو باطل ايضاً ..
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  • 2008: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2009: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2010: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2011: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2012: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2013: wow I was so stupid last year
  • to be continued
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